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seagreenish and sophisdictated are epically special.

And you really, really wouldn't get it.

p.s. we totally pwn you ALL.
aerial runways, alcoholic amnesia, angst, another one spazzing out, australian accents, baby dinosaur noises, bedhopping, being byronic, being epic, being totally epic, being a peer of the realm, big gay love triangles, bourbons after, but not in the sexy way, can i be the bacon?, capitalised awkward forever, chocolate, chocolate digestives, cigarettes with liquorice papers, clothes in half-sizes, consumption, cookies, dalek sex, dead poets, dirty bothies, dirty skinny jeans, drunk as a schmunk, epic, epic angst, epic projects, eyeliner boys, fancy dress parties, feeding the angst, finishing essays at 4am, fuck-off-sally-cline, harold bacon litrell the third, hating slimyskullfaceddogs, hating stereodykes, having the notes on our laptops, i don't have pyjamas, i am a twelve-year-old boy, i think i love you more than surfing, i'm gonna be a mouse!, if you please you bastard, irish accents, janie/sammy, john didn't like brokeback mountain, julian never had cunt on his shoulder, keats = erotic, kevin bacon bacon, last call casualties, loving cheesy quavers, mashed-potato-and-vinegar, mix cds, mr gardner, my vagitarian face, my ten commandments in your face, nervous breakdowns, nigel havers, not being heffers, not doing ugly, not so much a joke against the counter, oh the angst!, oh-god, oversleeping, plot plot plot plot, pretty boys, remus/sirius, scaring neighbours, scottish accents, scraw!, sex in the library, she thinks my tractors sexy, shit beans on shit toast, songs which rip your heart out, soundtracks, stalking the faculty, staying up all night, stuff on toast, summer time, surfing, taking over the world, tea and more tea, teenage midlifes, the jealous rage, the pretty, the romantics, the sex boat, the quiet boy with the big eyes, throwing fruit at bill, watermelons, we pwn you, what characterisation?, wiping-bacon-sandwiches-on, writing